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Learn about Economic Development

The goal of economic development is to increase the tax base and provide better jobs, thus enhancing the well-being and prosperity of the citizens of Wyoming. In order to reach this goal, the time and resources allocated to economic development programs typically fall under five categories: developing supportive public policy, creating a competitive product (community infrastructure, sites, buildings, business climate, workforce development, and leadership development), the retention and expansion of existing businesses, entrepreneurship support, and recruiting new business.

To learn what it takes to create successful opportunities in economic development, we suggest you start with the following on the WEDA website:

  1. Economic Development Building Blocks PowerPoint Presentation (8.1MB PowerPoint file)
  2. WEDA Newsletters and Success Stories
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  4. Ec. Dev. Library
  5. Principles

WEDA's Economic Development Principles

These principles were developed compiled by the WEDA Board of Directors and the WEDA Legislative Committee, with input from WEDA members, in 2011. This summary statement is based on long-standing economic development principles that have guided WEDA members in one form or another for years.  They are compiled here to provide a yardstick with which to measure economic development activities and legislative actions. It is a “work in progress” and will continue to be refined as we apply the principles to the real world of economic development in Wyoming.

WEDA believes that legislative, local and state economic development efforts should provide a consistent strategy to encourage private sector development of companies that provide higher than average wages, create primary jobs, diversify the economy and generate tax revenue.  Legislative and economic development policy and efforts should meet one or more of these criteria listed in WEDA's Economic Development Principles

WEDA Members

As a WEDA member, here’s easy access to the most-used pages:

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Wyoming Business Council

If you are looking for the state economic development agency that deals with permitting, loans and grants, business relocations and demographics, visit the Wyoming Business Council’s Site Selection and Relocation website.

WEDA is a non-profit professional association representing nearly 200 economic development members and organizations. We support our members through our membership benefits, lobbying efforts and educational tools.