WEDA Success Stories


WEDA Success Stories

One Eyed Buffalo Brewing Company
One Eyed Buffalo Brewing Company Photo

528 Broadway Street
Thermopolis, WY 82443
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Category:  2015 Success Stories

Owners Damien and Tanya Oliver opened One Eyed Buffalo Brewing Company on May 1 of 2015 after more than a year of planning. SBDC Regional Director Bruce Morse assisted them with fine tuning their business plan and ordered additional research on the community and industry from the Wyoming Entrepreneur Market Research Center. The Oliver’s made an offer on a building in downtown Thermopolis and the plan was set in motion. Local lenders liked the concept and felt this would be a nice compliment to the local food and beverage scene, but they were not anxious to lend money for the start-up. The Olivers have funded the business entirely with their own resources.

Due to the explosion in the microbrewery industry, the manufacture and delivery of their brewing equipment was delayed. The Olivers again had to get creative and made arrangements with a facility in a neighboring community to brew a batch of their beer in order to have one of their own on tap for the grand opening. With the support of their industry and community, the restaurant and brewery has done well and continues to grow.

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