WEDA Success Stories


WEDA Success Stories

Cowboy Jones Carpet Cleaning, LLC
Cowboy Jones Carpet Cleaning, LLC Photo

PO BOX 22533
Cheyenne, WY 82003
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Category:  2015 Success Stories

Alan Jones used the guidance and assistance from the SBDC to build his own business instead of purchasing an existing business. SBDC Regional Director John Privette helped prepare a business plan using information from the Market Research Center. Financing was obtained through a local bank, cleaning equipment was purchased, and Cowboy Jones Carpet Cleaning, LLC , was born.

Success soon followed. The business was originally operated part-time alongside a full-time job. Jones now operates Cowboy Jones full-time and has expanded his business with more advanced equipment and services. His success comes from identifying a competitive gap, attention to detail, target marketing, and excellent customer service. Alan says, “The market research provided by the SBDC continues to provide gold nuggets of business opportunity.”

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