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WEDA Success Stories

Cody Coffee
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Cody, WY 82414
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Category:  2015 Success Stories

The Cody Coffee story began as a hobby for the stay-at-home dad of two young boys and quickly grew into a thriving business. Jesse Renfors roasted small batches of coffee for friends and family, but requests and word-of-mouth spawned the idea of making it more of a full-time venture.

Renfors met with the SBDC Regional Director, Bruce Morse, to make sure he was getting established properly, and also kicked around marketing ideas. Recently, the SBDC team evaluated his website and provided a thorough analysis and report.

Given that Cody Coffee’s online business is its primary means of sales, the feedback from SBDC was invaluable. “The detailed report provided suggestions for better organization, SEO, and all things in between. Since changes suggested by SBDC have been implemented on Cody Coffee’s website, we have seen the website improve to have a major presence in the online small batch coffee world.”

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