WEDA Success Stories


WEDA Success Stories

Denver Air Connection
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908 W Brundage Ln
Sheridan, WY 82801
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Category:  2015 Success Stories

Sheridan has secured commercial air service with Denver Air Connection, a 30 passenger jet service, with flights to Denver twice a day. Commercial air service is a vital element of our business sustainability and growth efforts. Commercial service opens the door for many businesses that provide goods and services around the county.

L&H, Vacutech, Emit, and Kennon are four growing and strong businesses that carry a client base way beyond Sheridan’s drivingdius. The health care industry also benefits. Reliable air service enables patient transfer, CEU Training, and recruitment options for local hospitals and clinics. The City of Sheridan and Wyoming Business Council have invested a great deal in the development and documentation of a “shovel ready” building site located at the tech park on the north side of Sheridan. Site Selectors often ask about access to commercial air service.

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