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Trading Computers
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Laramie, WY 82070
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Category:  2015 Success Stories

After moving to Laramie, Scott Tafel taught himself to make a faster, more reliable computer which could support multiple monitors (up to six or more monitors on one computer) and a business was born.

Trading Computers is a specialty manufacturer serving the needs of the financial industry. The business grew fast and hard, into a 25 employee business that has been featured on the Economic Report, has an excellent Dun and Bradstreet credit rating and has sold computers in countries such as Thailand, Australia and Western Europe. However, problems arose with the growth. The profits weren’t where Tafel wanted or expected them to be. One of the first things he did was to secure an SBA Patriot Express loan to buy the building they were using. This gave Tafel the peace of mind he needed as one defined payment which wouldn’t change via a landlord and assured him a stable place to do business.

“It helped improve his cash flow and cut his payment significantly,” said Mike Peck, commercial lender at First Interstate Bank in Laramie. With a stable payment plan, Tafel turned his attention to his work structure and downsized in order to be closer to his product and customers. The result is a strong, stable business that he and junior partner Joshua Heien are proud of.

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