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WEDA Success Stories

307Health – Dr. Robert Chandler and Dr. Michael Tracy
307Health – Dr. Robert Chandler and Dr. Michael Tracy Photo

250 N. Evarts Street
Powell, WY 82435
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Robert Chandler and Michael Tracy, both established physicians, concluded there must be a better way to serve their patients and began searching for an alternative approach to delivering healthcare.

In the care model typically used in hospitals and clinics, workloads and paperwork make it difficult for physicians to give patients the time they want and deserve.

As Drs. Chandler and Tracy searched for an alternative, a delivery model called “direct primary care” looked appealing. The more they investigated, the more they felt it was a better fit for the kind of service they wanted to provide.

Direct primary care is a membership-based practice where, for a fixed fee each month, a patient essentially has unlimited access to his or her physician.

This model includes access at the doctor’s office, via phone or text messages, through video options like Skype, or even as home visits if needed. Services like surgery and more complicated diagnostic tests are still performed at a healthcare facility.

Direct primary care is not considered insurance. In fact, Drs. Chandler and Tracy were instrumental in getting a bill passed in the 2016 Wyoming State Legislature that clarified this point.  As such, it does not work for all patients, but the Powell doctors felt it would be a good fit for their practice.

In January 2015, Drs. Chandler and Tracey visited Bruce Morse, the
Wyoming Small Business Development Center Network’s regional director for Big Horn, Hot Springs, Park, and Washakie counties.

At the time, the doctors were in the early stages of sorting out what a direct primary care practice might look like, where to locate it, and what it would cost to get started.

The SBDC helped the doctors develop a business plan and work through different aspects of running a stand-alone practice. The doctors said the SBDC was most beneficial in helping them develop a business plan and with other initial steps.

307Health officially opened in July of 2015. The practice is located in downtown Powell in an area of recent revitalization.  Drs. Chandler and Tracy are pleased with the community’s response to this new approach and are on pace to reach their initial targets. 

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