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WEDA Success Stories

Firefighter Training Station Opens in Evanston
Firefighter Training Station Opens in Evanston Photo

1200 Main Street
Evanston, WY 82930
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Category:  2016 Success Stories

A new firefighter training center officially opened in November. Located next to the fire station on Highway 150, the new facility will help to train volunteer firefighters throughout the county and possibly region. Built by a private donation from Richard W. Salmela, the multi-purpose center contains five rooms, an attic fire prop, rescue balconies, repelling/hoisting equipment, a small elevator shaft simulation, a smoke generator and one room where walls can be moved or altered. According to Uinta County Volunteer Fire years, but we didn’t have the budget to do it,” said Bodine. “It’s long overdo.”

After decades of using one of the nearby schools or the Old Town Hall on Main Street for firefighter training purposes, the new center will have the capacity to educate not only fire department personnel, but other types of first responders in the region. The trainings will include a multitude of preparations for emergency staff in the police department sheriff’s office, and fire and rescue in Evanston, the Bridger Valley, Kemmerer and other surrounding communities. The facility also has the potential to attract first responder trainings and conferences from around the state and region. The L-shaped structure is a welcome addition to the area and is an attractive feature in the neighborhood.

The donation by Mr. Salmela and the Salmela Family is truly appreciated by the Uinta County Fire Department and the towns and cities that they serve. It will help to provide crucial training for new recruits, as well as, refresh skills for longtime first responders and volunteers.  

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