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SEKO Forklift Established Headquarters in Rawlins
SEKO Forklift Established Headquarters in Rawlins Photo

1478 Beechcraft
Rawlins, WY 82301
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Category:  2016 Success Stories

SEKO Forklift Scales has established their new continental headquarters in Rawlins, (Carbon County) Wyoming.

We are the North American Distributor for SEKO Forklift Scales, a precision, modular weighing system that provides 1/10% error (floor scale equal) accuracy to the convenience and efficiency of standard forklifts.

The SEKO Forklift Scales are very accurate, very rugged and very economical, designed and built to serve the demanding physical industrial environment and modern material handling data acquisition and real-time communication processes.

SEKO Forklift scales provide efficient and profitable improvements for loading and unloading, batching and formulations, piece-counting and roll-stock inventory as well as many other efficiency/profit/time process enhancements. (Our clients are first class innovators for operational efficiency and profitability.)

Our selection of Wyoming (and Rawlins in particular), was the result of over two years investigation and consideration of many factors. Wyoming retains much of the core character of the American practices of individual Liberty, self-reliance and enterprise that make our society unique within our global neighborhood. Rawlins was chosen for its small-town friendly and open population, its transportation access on Interstate 80 and its central access to all continental markets in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Our new headquarters is located at:

SEKO Forklift Scales

1478 Beechcraft

Rawlins, Wyoming 82301

toll-free: 800-594-9288

Direct: 307-321-4505

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