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WEDA Success Stories

Wyoming Dinosaur Center Plans Move to Business Park
Wyoming Dinosaur Center Plans Move to Business Park Photo

110 Carter Ranch Rd
Thermopolis, WY 82443
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The Red Rock Commercial Center was completed in 2008.  The 22-acre space was made possible by a Business Ready Community grant from the Wyoming Business Council. There were a total of 14 shovel-ready lots in the business park. The Thermopolis-Hot Springs County Economic Development Company (EDC), in partnership with Hot Springs County, worked diligently for several years to market the business park. Several times, there was interest from buyers, even contracts for sale of a lot.  However, for a variety of reasons, none of the land transactions were completed.  The community sentiment of the business park was rather negative, and got worse as the lots sat empty year after year.  
During the Fall of 2015, a casual conversation between Amanda Moeller, CEO of EDC, and Angie Guyon, General Manager at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center took place and eventually evolved into a sale of the entire business park to the Center for a huge expansion of the business and a new Museum.  The closing was held in late January of 2016.  The Wyoming Dinosaur Center expects to open the doors to its new facility in the Spring of 2019.  The entire community and the region is excited about the world class museum’s new facility and expanded exhibits.  The new location is advantageous for drawing in drive-by traffic.  Guyon estimates that an additional ten employees will be hired once the new museum is open.  
As Thermopolis and Hot Springs County work to strengthen the tourism economy, this incredible investment by the Wyoming Dinosaur Center will surely help to bring Thermopolis to the top of the must-visit towns in Wyoming. EDC is happy to have had a part in it. The original grant from the Wyoming Business Council was not wasted in Hot Springs County, it just took a few years for just the right business to come along!


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