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WEDA Success Stories

Mountain West Telephone to start trenching fiber to Goshen County
Mountain West Telephone to start trenching fiber to Goshen County Photo

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Torrington, Wyoming, WY 82240
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Goshen County Economic Development Corporation is pleased to announce businesses and residents of Goshen County will have different options for broadband services in 2017. Mountain West Telephone will be bringing fiber from their Chugwater location which ties into the I-25 fiber corridor, to Goshen County. Torrington will see immediate improvements this winter as they plan to bring their fiber from Chugwater, along Highway 313 up U.S. Highway 85 to Torrington. The company plans to supply connection along U.S. Highway 26 from the state line through Lingle, Fort Laramie and then to connect back to 1-25 in Wheatland for a redundant route. Additional plans of continuing up U.S. Highway 85 through Jay Em into Niobrara County to Lusk are in the works.

“Goshen County residents will be empowered with options. Bringing this diverse fiber line and it’s redundancy into Goshen will allow the fostering of competition in phone and broadband service in the area. Where there is competition, there is better service offerings and deals. The redundant connectivity will also help Goshen areas that are affected by outages. Redundant feeds to a community for broadband and phone access is essential. Life support and emergency services (hospitals, doctors, etc.), business and the common resident depend upon having broadband access and communication to complete their daily tasks. When communications and broadband services are down, nearly everything stops. In the case of life and emergency services, it can prove to be catastrophic.” said CTO, James Coberly of Mountain West Telephone.

GCEDC completed a study with the Southeast Wyoming Economic Development District consisting of Goshen, Platte, Laramie and Albany counties in 2014 that evaluated the regions broadband connectivity and Goshen County was the county lacking a redundant hard line in and out of the county. To recruit and get the attention of broadband providers, CEO/Executive Director Ashley Harpstreith distributed a survey to all the businesses in the county.

“We had the data, but we wanted to hear how the businesses and residents felt about their connection,” Harpstreith said. Together with the help of Wyrulec distributing the survey to their member’s in the region, Harpstreith was able to collect more data and feedback from the stakeholders.

“The message was clear, we are losing business because of the lack of a reliable and redundant line,” Harpstreith said. The GCEDC Board of Director’s tasked Harpstreith to advocate on the County’s behalf to find providers that would be interested in coming to the area. Harpstreith aligned a group of Goshen County stakeholders to meet privately with numerous providers. There was immediate interest and assistance with more wireless providers such as Vista Beam and newcomers Visionary and ACT.
“We are pleased Mountain West has decided to expand into our area. They are fantastic partners, as they will be able to provide a complete connection to this community. They will be able to provide another fiber option to this community, provide a redundant route, and service everyone from residents to fiber for our wireless partners already in the area,” Harpstreith said.

Goshen County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit organization created in 1987 to encourage business growth and build on local community assets. GCEDC’s mission is to facilitate business development and position communities for economic growth. A key piece of this mission is helping existing business remain in the community and continue to grow.

Mountain West Technology Networks started November, 2004, operating under the brand names Mountain West Technology Networks "MWTN" and Mountain West Telephone "MWT." MWT, a competing carrier to CenturyLink and Charter, offers reliable high speed Internet and phone services across Wyoming utilizing its fiber optic and carrier grade fixed wireless delivery services. MWTN also operates a state of the art Data Center in Casper, providing colocation, cloud and hybrid services to many companies worldwide. MWT/MWTN is a 100% Wyoming owned corporation with it’s corporate offices in Casper. For more information regarding their services and route please contact and 307-233-8400.

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