WEDA Success Stories


WEDA Success Stories

Glenrock Completes Strategic Plan
Glenrock Completes Strategic Plan Photo

206 S. 4th Street
Glenrock, WY 82637

Category:  2016 Success Stories

Glenrock Economic Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization formed in 1998. Community members came together to form the GEDC, a group that would pursue businesses that were appropriate for the growth of the community.

Several plans have been completed over the years, such as business surveys and community assessments. In 2016, GEDC contracted with Joe Coyne, Community Builders, Inc., to facilitate a workshop to help with SWOT analysis. In August, GEDC conducted a new business survey to help define what is needed by the existing business community and what may be needed in the future.

This strategic plan will serve to guide GEDC efforts over the next five years. 

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