David Street Plaza Project Moves Forward

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The David Street Plaza project has awarded the contract for phase one as well as a  a half-million dollar grant for phase two in October. Phase two, which includes several amenities such as a splash pad, will be funded with donations from Hilltop National Bank, the True family and the True Foundation.

Caspar Building Systems has been awarded a contract worth nearly $1.8 million for the first phase.

DDA Executive Director Kevin Hawley is quoted in the Wyoming Business Report: “our goal is to have at least phase one completed in time for the total eclipse in August 2017. It will include a band shell and other amenities that will provide visitors an opportunity to attend concerts, hear presentations, and just enjoy an outdoor living facility."

Fundraising continues for this project, located between David and Ash Streets and fronting West Yellowstone. The plaza will be able to host downtown functions including art walks, Nic Fest and dining opportunities. The second phase is expected to cost $3.6 million.


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