2018 Was a Year of Innovation and Growth

Friday, December 21, 2018

Entrepreneurs, business leaders, economic developers, community leaders, legislators and the SBDC staff have been busy in 2018, doing the important work of diversifying and growing Wyoming’s economy. This year, we have seen a lot of activity as Wyoming has continued to shift towards a more high-tech economy. With the passage of bills that make Wyoming blockchain-friendly, there has been much attention placed on our state both nationally and internationally, culminating in the WyoHackathon earlier this year. These are just a few of the activities we explore in WEDA’s 2018 Success Stories.

Technology Focus

As we move to diversify Wyoming’s economy, technology is playing an important role. From statewide initiatives aimed at recruiting blockchain companies to state-of-the-art Maker Spaces, Wyoming has set the stage for the growth of technology driven companies, while creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to launch their ideas. These efforts have been collaborative and often years in the making. Now, we are seeing these efforts pay off in the form of new businesses registering in our state and local startups like Kelley Integrity Safety Solutions taking their ideas national. In this issue of WEDA’s Success Stories, we explore these trends, highlight local businesses and present ideas for how technology will continue to reshape Wyoming’s economy.

Read About Local Success Stories

In the 2018 WEDA Success Stories, we present success stories from across the state. These are stories presented to us by board members, SBDC offices and local economic development organizations. They highlight the work being done by entrepreneurs and small businesses owners who are looking to make their corner of the state, and sometimes the entire country, better. Read about the innovative startups that have grown into regional companies, local companies who are providing a much-needed service and initiatives aimed at growing city and county economies.

Read, Share and Comment

We invite you to read the 2018 WEDA Success Stories, share and comment on social media. It is important to spread the word and to bring attention to the momentum spreading across Wyoming as we work together to diversify and grow our economy. Click here to read and share!

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