Fisher Family Solutions Has Been Awarded A Capital Grant Matching Progress Program Grant

Monday, March 09, 2020

Lingle, WY. Goshen County Economic Development has the pleasure of working with Stephanie Fisher as we were able to help her achieve her dream by awarding her with a Capital Matching Progress Program grant. The Quality of Life she is bringing to our communities and county touches so many of the underprivileged that need it most.

Stephanie Fisher is the founder of Fisher Family Solutions a therapeutic program that believes in changing the path for families and children. She believes that if people find something they love, and motivates them, it can change their path, and bring about a better future. Stephanie not only believes this, she practices it and sees the success it brings to families and children. 

A year ago, Stephanie purchased 11 acres north of Lingle Wyoming with the dream to build an environment where children that would not otherwise have the opportunity could experience things they would fall in love with. Giving them a passion, motivation, and positive outlet. She not only works to help children and families, but in this process, she rescues animals as well. Goats, pony, retired horses from Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, dogs, chickens and a cashmere rabbit make up this therapeutic ranch. There is a lot of research that supports the work with animals and trauma and the impacts it can have on children and families. We are excited and fortunate to have Stephanie Fisher add this facility and the opportunity to the residents of Goshen County. There is no other outpatient facility in Wyoming that offers this opportunity. This project will allow for many services to take place! For example: Individual Therapy with animal assistance, Group Therapy and Enrichment Groups (Science, Art Therapy, Skills, Animal Therapy, and Life Skills).

Stephanie embraces the children and families that fall through the cracks. They struggle to retain housing, keep jobs, provide food, safety, and enrichment activities for their families. This project allows families and children to learn essential life skills they may not have previously had, such as cooking, financial literacy, work ethic, coping skills, and so many more. She works with adults already struggling in these areas as well as teaches the next generation of their children. Stephanie does a great deal of her work pro bono. It is essential to realize that those that do not have the means often times have much more need than those that have the means.

With the development of the ranch Stephanie has created 2 full-time jobs, 8 part-time and the possibility of several more as more children are added to the groups. With having this space to meet with clients and the creation of additional groups for parents and families Stephanie anticipates doubling her part-time staff in the next two years.

You’re not truly successful until you have something money can’t buy. Fisher Family Solutions is filling a need by rescuing families, children and animals in need. Thus, allowing these children, families and animals to heal, grow, trust and live happy fulfilling lives. A Success Story that needs to be told!


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