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WEDA Committees

WEDA's committees connect the activities of WEDA to interest groups within our membership. Committees work with the coordinator and board members on projects and programs in their areas of interest. Many committees are only active for short durations during the year as needed, so they won't require huge time commitments. This is a great way for our members to get involved and learn more about the workings of WEDA and the State. A lot happens between our membership meetings and joining a committee is a great way to get up to speed. For information about serving on any of these committees, please contact the WEDA office.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee works with WEDA members to determine economic development issues that will affect their organizations and communities, publishes an annual WEDA Legislative Issues handout, creates legislative tools, and advises the WEDA lobbyist. The Legislative Committee is an action-oriented WEDA team that focuses on all Wyoming legislative issues and concerns associated with economic development.

This committee meets via phone conferences monthly for approximately one hour, and more often during the legislative session in January and February. Each autumn, the committee composes a white paper, which emphasizes the issues most imperative to WEDA and its membership.

The Legislative Committee also stays abreast of any new concerns that may appear throughout the year, working closely with WEDA lobbyist Chris Brown. Most recently, this committee is helping WEDA to spearhead a mentorship program, which will encourage and foster communication between Wyoming’s economic developers and legislators.

Please contact either committee co-chair to learn more about joining this energetic group. The co-chairs for this committee are Christine Bekes (Powell Economic Partnership) at and Dave Simonsen (Kaycee-Buffalo-Johnson County Economic Development Joint Powers Board) at

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides input on conference speakers and training programs, and explores economic development certification courses. The WEDA Training & Education Committee concentrates its efforts primarily on organizing and promoting the two WEDA conferences. The committee works with Align, a Cheyenne consulting firm, to arrange an educational, interesting and dynamic event.

The Education Committee is tasked with every aspect of coordinating a successful conference, from selecting a location and speakers to developing an agenda and blocking hotel rooms. 

For more information, contact committee members Anja Bendel, Brandi Harlow or Josh Boudreau.

Mentoring Subcommittee

The Education Committee is tasked with every aspect of coordinating a successful conference, from selecting a location and speakers to developing an agenda and blocking hotel roThe goal of the WEDA Mentorship Program is to connect mentor economic developers with other economic developers (mentees) around the state. During this process, the mentee will have an opportunity to walk through the current economic development issues that may impact their local community, region or even the state. Additional focus on personal professional leadership growth with particular emphasis on economic and community development will be part of the learning experience.oms. 

For more information, contact committee chair Christine Bekes.

Scholarship Subcommittee

The Scholarship Subcommittee oversee the WEDA Scholarships. The purpose of the Professional Development Scholarship Program is to assist professional economic development staff and those directly involved with the economic development efforts of their communities with training costs associated with their economic and community development work.

This program is intended to be a benefit of WEDA membership. These dollars can enable some of our WEDA members with smaller budgets to be part of a WEDA training or other qualified training.

The $500 maximum will help any member in good-standing to attend the conference with little or no out of pocket expenses. It will cover registration costs, lodging, travel and meals. It is available to qualified members following a 3-month waiting period after joining. Scholarship funding is provided through a contract with the Wyoming Business Council.

Scholarships need to be submitted to Align at least thirty days prior to the training for review by the committee which consists of Pat Robbins and Brandi Harlow (Wyoming Business Council). For more information, contact Pat Robbins at or Brandi Harlow at

Marketing Committee

This committee is working to improve how we bring our message to our members. The Marketing Committee’s purpose is to keep our WEDA members up-to-date on WEDA events and economic development endeavors that are happening around the State. Currently, WEDA publishes “The Pulse” and the annual “Success Stories” publication that comes out in January of each year. Additionally, WEDA has a website (, Building Blocks of Economic Development, a Facebook page, and various other brochures and documents relating to economic development in Wyoming.

For more information on this committee, please contact Noelle Reed at or Ashley Harpstreith at

Membership Committee

Our organization gets stronger with every member. This committee is working on recruiting and retaining our membership.

WEDA has three membership classes:


Organizations with economic development agendas that include lobbying or support economic development across the state and in our communities.

The primary member base rate is dependent on population size and ranges from $425-$625. Each additional secondary member is $85.


Organizations with economic development agendas that exclude lobbying but support economic development across the state and in our communities.

The primary member base rate is $375 with each additional secondary member at $85.


These have no organizational affiliation and include lobbying efforts.

These members are usually individuals.

The primary member base rate is $85, plus lobbying assessment of $90, for a total of $175. Each additional secondary member is $85.

WEDA also accepts voluntary lobbying contributions made by any member. The silver membership is $350, the gold membership is $500, and the platinum membership is $750.

WEDA also participates with other organizations and agencies in trading memberships. The guidelines for this trade include:

  • The mission of the other organization complements that of WEDA.
  • The membership dues are comparable.
  • The other organization doesn’t ask for additional benefits at no cost, such as conference registration, unless they are also willing to trade that amenity with WEDA.

For more information on the Membership Committee, please contact Robert Briggs or Josh Boudreau.