Our WEDA Strategic Plan

2016 Legislative Priorities

Wyoming Business Council - Business Ready Community Program

The Business Ready Communities program provides critically needed financing for publicly owned infrastructure that serves the needs of businesses and promotes economic development and diversity within Wyoming communities.

Funding for Local Government - Cities, Towns and Counties

Economic Development in cities and towns across Wyoming plays a vital role in diversifying our economy. This is especially important considering the current downturn in energy revenues. The Wyoming Business Council continues to assist in the expansion of existing Wyoming business and to recruit new business seeking to locate in Wyoming.

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Revised January 2015

With about two hours of discussion, the 2014-2015 board of directors identified three key strategic directions: funding, public policy, and capacity and professionalism of WEDA members. We added to each direction a broad list of tactics or strategies we might employ to accomplish each direction. We employed the Wyoming Business Council Strategic Plan and considered how our goals/strategies will fit with the Council's plan. To begin our own "big picture thinking," we wrote headlines that demonstrate something important WEDA has accomplished five years from now:


  • WEDA Certifies Five Economic Development Organizations
  • Structure Benchmark National Association
  • 100% of WEDA Members Have Completed Economic Development Certification
  • WEDA Secures State Funding For Local Economic Development Organizations
  • WEDA Successfully Passes 1% Economic Development Tax Statewide
  • WEDA Now Has 35 Strong Level Organizations
  • WEDA Retains 98% of Members and is Fully Funded by Sponsors
  • WEDA is Wyoming's Go-To Organization For Elected Officials
  • WEDA's Executive Director Celebrates Second Anniversary

Using these 'dreams,' we articulated overarching goals and three strategic directions.

Overarching Goals

  • Provide value to WEDA members
  • Increase revenue so that more work can be done

Strategic Directions

  • Secure Funding Sources for WEDA
  • Public Policy
  • Capacity and Professionalism of Members