2024 Legislative Priorities

About WEDA's advocacy

The Wyoming Economic Development Association advocates for policies that foster economic growth and resiliency in Wyoming. WEDA is the voice for local economic developers as well as communities and organizations with economic development goals.

These priorities will be the basis of WEDA's advocacy and lobbying during the 67th Wyoming Legislature. 

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2024 Legislative Priorities

The Wyoming Economic Development Association is a nonpartisan, nonprofit that advocates on behalf of nearly 200 economic developers, communities, and organizations in Wyoming.

Our goals are to provide leadership, advocacy, and education to foster economic growth and resiliency in the Cowboy state.

Wyoming Economic Development Association advocates for legislation and policies that:

Enable Wyoming communities to drive economic development.

  • Direct and protect adequate funding to Wyoming’s cities, towns, and counties.
  • Provide tools and resources to communities that support local decision-making.

Allow Wyoming to be competitive for economic development.

  • Support innovative, effective economic strategies and investments to help Wyoming industries grow, innovate, and remain in the state and spur entrepreneurship.
  • Enable Wyoming to attract new companies and industries to remain nationally and globally competitive.
  • Support a balanced tax policy and incentives to encourage ongoing capital investment and primary job creation.
  • Continue investment in the Wyoming Business Council as it supports local economic development efforts in all 23 counties across the state.

Develop and retain a trained and skilled workforce.

  • Support job training and education programs.
  • Encourage the development of affordable workforce housing for Wyoming’s current and future workforce.

Invest in Wyoming’s infrastructure.

  • Bolster transportation, local government systems, utilities, broadband, and buildings that will ensure Wyoming is well-situated for future economic growth.

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How WEDA takes a position 

WEDA has a process to determine the Association's stance on a bill or issue. Any WEDA member can submit a position request to the Executive Director Brett Kahler at bkahler@thealignteam.org.

This process was adopted by the WEDA Board on Jan. 2, 2024.

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