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WEDA Success Stories

Westmoreland Considers Purchase of Haystack Coal Mine
Westmoreland Considers Purchase of Haystack Coal Mine Photo

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Westmoreland Coal Company is currently considering the purchase of the Haystack Coal Mine, located just 13 miles northwest of Evanston off of Highway 189. This mine was originally built by Kiewit in 2011. A road to the mine was constructed the same year using funds from the Wyoming Business Council and the Wyoming Dept. of Transportation (WYDOT). Due to various economic constraints, the mine has remained inactive since 2013. The life of the Haystack mine is expected to last 15-30 years depending on the continuation of various federal restrictions. At the present time, a moratorium on the leasing of Bureau of Land Management (BLM) properties is restricted by coal companies. If purchased by Westmoreland, the Haystack Coal Mine could yield another 10(+) million tons of coal and create another 32 jobs.

The Westmoreland Coal Mine is located in neighboring Lincoln County and plans to expand into two other different nearby locations are underway. One of the expansion locations includes the site where the Westmoreland offices are presently positioned—just south of the mine. Under the office location, exists another 10 million tons of coal. The offices will be moved to the north gate in 2019 and 2020. Across Highway 189 (old Hwy. 30) to the northeast, another 10 million tons of coal is available for extraction, and beyond the railroad in this same area, nearly 50 million tons has the potential to be mined. However, to reach the coal across the highway, the thoroughfare must be rerouted approximately two miles. The cost for such a highway project is estimated to be around $35 million. Westmoreland is currently in discussions with WYDOT in regards to the realignment of highway 189. Current permit boundaries at Westmoreland contain approximately 10 years of coal in the reserve, and to extend the life of the mine, the assorted expansions are imperative. 

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