About the Wyoming Economic Development Association

Wyoming Business Council LogoEstablished in 1985, WEDA is a non-profit 501 (c) 6 professional association representing nearly 200 economic development members and organizations who support economic development through their local economic development groups. WEDA is the only association of its kind in Wyoming. We support our members with the necessary tools used to create, retain and expand jobs, attract businesses, and develop a skilled workforce. WEDA offers professional development scholarships, training conferences, newsletters and publications, a reference library, list-serve and networking opportunities, a website, and lobbying efforts.

Our Mission

Provide leadership and support to foster economic development in Wyoming.

Our Alliances

WEDA is a partner with the Wyoming Business Council, which promotes economic development efforts in the state. We also partner with the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce, the Wyoming Business Alliance, Department of Workforce Services, Manufacturing-Works, and the Wyoming Association of Municipalities.