What is WEDA? 

WEDA is a statewide nonprofit professional association representing nearly 200 economic development members and organizations.

Established in 1985, Wyoming Economic Development Association is a non-profit professional association representing economic development professionals and organizations, and affiliate members who support economic development.

Our Mission: To provide leadership and support to foster economic development in Wyoming through:

  • Lobbying and Advocacy
  • Education, Training and Networking
  • Providing Economic Development Leadership

Legislative Issue Advocacy

WEDA has a strong relationship with government officials and legislators statewide. These relationships allow economic development organizations to have a seat at the table. For many WEDA has become the go-to resource regarding economic and community development in the state.

WEDA contracts with a lobbyist who works with the board of directors, members and legislative committee to monitor and support legislation that has a positive effect on economic development in the state. During legislative sessions, the organization sends updates on issues being monitored and provides an end-of-session report to members and sponsors.

WEDA develops documents that include priorities and tracks interim committee topics. WEDA hosts a legislative reception at the beginning of the session.

Education/Training and Networking

WEDA strives to provided members and communities with the economic development tools and resources to be sustainable and innovator.

WEDA offers training and educational opportunities through the WEDA Mentoring Program and a monthly Prosperity Call that brings members and economic development partners together to discuss current issues and trends

WEDA hosts two conferences each year which provide ongoing education focused on community and economic development, and connects members to extensive training opportunities.

WEDA members have the ability to apply for scholarships that can be used for relevant educational opportunities.

WEDA Strives to Provide Economic Development Leadership Throughut the State

WEDA works diligently to build networks and relationships with other organizations and agencies in the state that deal with issues related to economic and community development. Whether that be the Wyoming Business Council, the University of Wyoming or one of the many associations in the state, we work with them to be sure that our local economic voices are part of the conversations and that the economic and community development perspective is considered.

WEDA collects the successes of their members and shares them through ongoing electronic communications and through the annual Success Stories publication. Local members are doing great things and WEDA wants elected officials, state directors, and community members to know what you are accomplishing.

WEDA strives to be an organization that people want to be part of, thus growing membership and increasing collabora- tion and networking opportunities.

Other Benefits of Being a WEDA Member

  • Ongoing electronic newsletters and notices
  • Ability to vote in WEDA elections which gives you a voice in economic development
  • Ability to Serve on the WEDA board and further your voice
  • Ability to serve on a committee and share your perspective with relevant stakeholders and partners