Get Out and Explore Sinks Canyon with WEDA

Get Out and Explore Sinks Canyon with WEDA Main Photo

15 Sep 2023


Wyoming Economic Development Association (WEDA) members who are attending the Wyoming Working Together Conference Sept. 20-22 will get to explore one of Wyoming’s most beautiful State Parks, Sinks Canyon, just six miles southwest of Lander.

Wyoming is filled with geologic phenomena & WEDA members can explore them

At the base of the southern Wind River Mountains is a canyon named for a unique geologic formation, “The Sinks,” where the Popo Agie river vanishes underground near the mouth of the canyon. The river reappears a quarter mile down canyon in a placid pool filled with 8 to 12-pound rainbow trout.

In this beautiful park, you’ll find deep gorges and waterfalls, caves, and tunnels, all created by the Popo Agie River eroding the soft limestone bedrock of the canyon. It is a truly spectacular place to experience and learn about the unique geology and wildlife of Wyoming.

Learn more about all of the other learning opportunities you’ll find at this year’s Wyoming Working Together Conference by visiting the WEDA website.