Hit the Trail with WEDA

Hit the Trail with WEDA Main Photo

2 Oct 2023


Many Wyoming Economic Development Association (WEDA) members ensure that Wyoming still holds the title of the “Outdoor Recreation State.” The state has a diverse landscape that offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities that residents and visitors can enjoy all year round. And there are plenty of opportunities for new businesses to pop up in communities across Wyoming.

An Opportunity for WEDA Members: Supporting Wyoming’s Hiking Paradise

Some of the most popular trails in the country include the Teton Crest Trail, the Wind River High Route, and the Yellowstone Grand Loop, and they’re all here in Wyoming. The surrounding communities offer space and opportunity for WEDA members to attract and build outdoor recreation businesses, tour and excursion companies, and retailers that offer outdoor gear. These businesses not only provide jobs and revenue, they increase the likelihood of tourism which has an impact on the entire community.

Ready to hit the trail? Learn more about how your community or business can serve as the “home base” for outdoor enthusiasts.