Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month in Wyoming

Celebrate National Entrepreneurship Month in Wyoming Main Photo

29 Nov 2022

Wyoming Economic Development Association (WEDA) is celebrating local entrepreneurs and their accomplishments this November during National Entrepreneurship Month. Entrepreneurs throughout Wyoming are busy creating the newest products and innovations and strengthening our economy.

The United States was ranked as the world’s most entrepreneurial country in 2021. This year, StartupBlink’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2022 ranked the U.S. as the number one country with the most business startups and a strong startup ecosystem. 

These startups often develop into small businesses. Small businesses made up 99.9 percent of U.S. businesses in 2021, so it’s important to give those nearby mom-and-pop shops the recognition that they deserve. Small businesses account for 98.9% of all businesses in Wyoming, with approximately small businesses spread across the state.

What is National Entrepreneurship Month?

National Entrepreneurship Month takes place in November. It offers a set time to celebrate the efforts of entrepreneurs in communities across the U.S. who better the economy locally and nationally. 

Entrepreneurship connects like-minded individuals who have the common goal of providing a high-quality product or service to satisfy customer needs in some sort of newly enhanced way. Entrepreneurs deserve recognition and support for several reasons. Not only do they produce new and improved goods, services, and ideas, but their businesses also help with job creation. The more new companies are launched, the more employment opportunities become available to the public. 

New businesses in Wyoming

During this National Entrepreneurship Month, WEDA is spotlighting and honoring entrepreneurs in our community. 
“We applaud our local businesses' hard work, passion, and dedication to designing new businesses, and in doing so, building our local economy,” said Sara DiRienzo, WEDA executive director.WEDA is proud that so many incredible innovators call Wyoming home.” 

Here are some notable entrepreneurs in Wyoming we would like to recognize:

If you’re interested in supporting any of these entrepreneurs, consider finding them on social media and publishing posts that highlight their contributions to our community.

How to celebrate entrepreneurs in Wyoming

The best way to celebrate small business owners and entrepreneurs in your community is to actively engage with them, their products, and services. To support startups and entrepreneurs in Wyoming, check out upcoming local events. Industry events are perfect occasions to connect with new and established business people in the area and to discuss ways in which you can bring attention to their products and services.

After you’ve met some entrepreneurs in Wyoming, be sure to follow their social media accounts. Give them a shout-out in your posts, stories, and hashtags to show your interest and share their stories with others. Spread the word about National Entrepreneurship Month so more people will begin supporting and recommending startups in Wyoming.