New Jobs in Rawlins: a Win for Wyoming Economic Development

New Jobs in Rawlins: a Win for Wyoming Economic Development Main Photo

16 Oct 2023


The Wyoming Economic Development Association (WEDA) knows the importance of innovation. The state of Wyoming is instrumental to the energy production for the United States, and we’re excited to see so many new projects, plants, and technologies.

WEDA Members are Connecting Communities Across the Country with Clean Energy

In Carbon County, just outside of Rawlins, federal, state, and local officials broke ground on the TransWest Express Transmission project, which will transfer Wyoming’s wind-generated electricity across a 732-mile powerline. This line will generate enough electricity to power about a million homes located to the southwest.

The TransWest Express Transmission project has begun on a 320,000-acre private ranch where there is already a wind farm in construction. The project will bring 1,000 temporary workers to the area over the next decade, helping the town recover from its “bust” after the slowing of local coal mines and oil fields.

When large projects like these happen in Wyoming, it creates opportunities for other communities, businesses, and workers. When you’re a WEDA member, you’ll have access to tools, resources, and a network that can fast track new opportunities and projects.

For more information about exciting projects like these, visit the WEDA website.