WEDA Mentoring Program

Apply now to be a mentor or mentee for 2023-2024

Applications are due July 1, 2023.

All applicants will be notified of acceptance and pairings by early August 2023.

WEDA is accepting up to three pairs for the year. 

 Mentor Interest Application  Mentee Interest Application


WEDA's Mentorship Program Mission

To help educate, train and network economic developers in Wyoming by fostering communication and positive working relationships with their fellow, experienced economic developers.

Mentoring Defined

A professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assist another (mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth. Mentoring is to share experience, wisdom, and other resources to facilitate growth and development. For purposes of this program, mentees are professionals that are fairly new to the economic development profession. Mentors have served in leadership roles and have many years of experience in economic development.

Program Goals

The goal of the WEDA Mentorship Program is to connect mentor economic developers with other economic developers (mentees) around the state. During this process, the mentee will have an opportunity to walk through the current economic development issues that may impact their local community, region or even the state. Additional focus on personal professional leadership growth with particular emphasis on economic and community development will be part of the learning experience.

Kick-off and Orientation

  • Mentoring Program Meeting: A pre-conference session at the Working Together Conference in September. This is a required session for both mentors and mentees. 
  • Agenda: Building Blocks of Economic Development presentation, Mentoring 101, introduction of mentee/mentor pairs 
  • Participants will be provided program material

1-1 Mentor-Mentee Discussions

  • Depending on the distance between the mentor and mentee, the pair may decide whether to meet via phone, video conference or in-person. Ideally, the pair will visit in-person at least once. 
  • One-on-One Mentor-Mentee Discussions will include an assigned topics.
    • Topics include:
      • Mutual agreement on Mentee’s self-selected learning outcomes (goals), objectives to meet goals, and criteria for evaluating success
      • Economic Development Language and Tools
      • Partners for Economic Development (local, state and federal)
      • Growth as an Economic Development and Community Leader
      • Workforce Development
      • Business Retention and Expansion Strategy
      • Strategic Planning and Building Organizational Capacity
      • Entrepreneur Development
      • Business Attraction

Evaluation and Graduation: WEDA Spring conference 2024

  • Prior to the WEDA Winter Conference, the mentor and mentee will complete an evaluation of the Mentoring Program including progress/completion of the Mentee’s self-selected goals.
  • At the 2024 WEDA spring conference (date TBD), we will have a special ceremony to recognize the mentors and mentees that have completed the program. Mentees will receive a certificate of completion and mentors will receive a gift in recognition of their contribution to the program.

Application - Mentee

The Mentee registration fee is $150 per person, which will be due once accepted in the program. Mentees will be provided any program materials. Each mentee who completes the program will receive a certificate. Mentees will be responsible for WEDA conference registration fees and associated travel expenses. Scholarships are available through WEDA.

If you have questions, email it to or call 307-772-9117.