CEO / President

Full-Time CEO / President at Forward Cody Wyoming, Inc.
Apply By: December 31, 2024
Industry: Economic Development
Pay Type: Salary
Compensation: Depends on Experience
Education Level: Bachelor's Degree

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PRIMARY PURPOSE & FUNCTION: The CEO/President of Forward Cody Wyoming will be the community’s key resource for economic development and business growth in the area. The incumbent will administer the creation, augmentation and facilitation of programs and actions necessary to accomplish the corporate mission for economic development, which is to maintain and strengthen the economy and create new jobs within Cody and Park County, Wyoming. In addition, they will provide support to various government entities and local community organizations on matters regarding economic development. The President shall be appointed by and serve at the convenience of the Board of Directors and shall be a paid employee of this Corporation, at such compensation and upon such terms as the Board of Directors shall agree. They shall be the Chief Operating Officer /President of Forward Cody Wyoming, Inc. with general charge of and control over the day-to-day operations subject to the direction of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The CEO / President shall be a member of the Board of Directors but shall have no voting rights. They shall also be a member of all committees. The President shall have the general powers and duties of management usually vested in the office of the Chief Operating Officer / President of a corporation, and shall be such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the board of Directors or by the by-laws, including (but not limited to) the authority; to hire, promote and dismiss all other employees of Forward Cody, Inc.; conduct all personnel matters; and to make expenditures or encumber the funds of Forward Cody, Inc., within the budget approved by the Board of Directors. DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Directs the efforts of the Corporation, with governmental and business entities, to accomplish the following strategies; a. Seek out opportunities to nurture existing businesses to expand, create new jobs and participate in economic growth. b. Seek out business prospects in other states and countries and solicit their relocation and expansion to Cody and Park County. c. Foster the creation of new businesses through the entrepreneurial process. d. Invest development knowledge and expertise within Park County in order to ensure an atmosphere of positive responsiveness and self-reliance. e. Annually convene a Board meeting to review the overall mission and plan for the community, establish priorities and create direction. 2. Position the Corporation to be an influencing factor and the recognized authority in facilitation or negotiation on behalf of economic development issues. 3. Develop and maintain strong working relationships with State and local organizations, i.e., Chamber of Commerce, the Wyoming Business Council, incubator programs and specialized community development groups. 4. Actualize and sustain a liaison with national and international economic development organizations and economic development professionals. 5. Analyze national and regional conditions and interpret those factors as they affect growth and the development of the City of Cody and Park County. As part of an ongoing planning process, seek to implement appropriate development strategies. 6. Maintain memberships and office-holding positions in various economic development boards, committees, professional organizations, ad-hoc groups, etc. 7. Membership Development – shall be primarily responsible for membership development and will be primarily charged with investor relations. RESPONSIBILITY FOR RESULTS: The scope and importance of the Corporation’s economic development effort have grown significantly. The position of President requires extensive contacts and cultivation of the reliable sources of accurate data. The CEO/President must be able to do long-range planning, acquire resources, mobilize resources for immediate results, and be influential in many areas both inside and outside the Corporation. While much of this position deals with quantitative information, it also requires the significant, subjective judgement be made relative to the intangibles of relocation and community responses to growth and development. Considerable judgement is required on the part of the CEO/ President relative to allocation of resources, prioritizing activities, and establishing recruiting, and retention strategies and relationships.


KNOWLEDGE & SKILL: 1. The field of economic development is a highly specialized profession. It takes years of practical experience in the field and dedication to a career-long learning process to acquire the tools of the trade. Continual vigilance and active participation is required to remain current on the ever-changing dynamics of the profession. 2. Requires the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in written form. This ranges from communications with the Board and staff, to “selling” business prospects by utilizing specific data, resource information and persuasive rationale. Included in this task is the preparation of reports, documents, and solicitation materials inherent to the economic development field. Public Speaking skills are absolutely necessary. 3. Required skills include the ability to manage the organization as a business; to be influential in negotiations with community leaders and other economic development groups, as well as elected officials; to sell ideas and influence decisions to a wide range of prospective clientele; and the ability to operate effectively in high pressure situations. 4. Administer the personnel management and administrative function of the Corporation to include financial management, operating, planning, performance evaluations, succession planning, and work analysis. 5. Administer and maintain the real estate holding of the corporation seeking to utilize these assets to their maximum potential and seeking opportunities to leverage additional opportunities. 6. Required knowledge includes an in-depth knowledge of the tax structure, utility costs, housing, demographics, transportation, and communication; a thorough knowledge of structuring financial arrangements; knowledge of regulatory practices, rules, theories, trends and conditions; in-depth knowledge of the internal and external economic factors that affect Park County; strong knowledge of site-location factors; and a strong knowledge of the practice of public relations. 7. Requires the ability to maintain confidentiality on all information received and processed. Must be able to exhibit the highest standards of integrity and honesty. Must avoid any appearance of perceived, or actual, conflicts of interest or any other impropriety in advancing personal interests. 8. Maintain effective working relationships to monitor, influence, and facilitate legislation beneficial to economic growth in Park County. 9. Requires the ability to analyze and prudently make decisions based on large amounts of complex data relative to prospect and site-location factors. 10. Develop, implement and/or facilitate economic development efforts in Park County between governmental agencies and businesses. Provide training to appropriate personnel to effect evolution of economic development expertise. 11. Manage corporate resources to stimulate and support economic expansion and improvement.

Forward Cody Wyoming, Inc.

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