Attracting Innovation Is the Name of the Game For these Forward-Thinking Parks

23 Dec 2022

Already known for its industry/university partnerships, scientific institutes and expanding Technology Campus, the 148-acre Potsdam Science Park in Germany is welcoming a new facility investment from DiGOS, a satellite tracking technology company founded by a Potsdam University graduate who says he wanted to do more with his IT degree than make apps.

Founded in 2014, the company employs 425 people today, and plans to house around 60 when it moves into a new HQ at the parks’ Technology Campus by 2026. As for tracking down the science park, “The connections to Berlin and the surrounding area are fantastic,” DiGOS Managing Director André Kloth said in an October release from the science park alerting the world to the park’s ongoing expansion. “We have the University of Potsdam on site with the institutes for astronomy, physics, computer science and geosciences. So it is of course a great advantage for us to use the academic potential for joint projects or the promotion of young scientists.”

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