How WEDA supports Wyoming’s economic developers

How WEDA supports Wyoming’s economic developers Main Photo

10 May 2023


The Wyoming Economic Development Association (WEDA) is Wyoming’s premier economic development organization. Our members include economic developers and leaders from throughout the state - professionals dedicated to helping our communities grow and thrive. We understand this job’s importance and are here to make the work easier through education, tools and resources. 

How WEDA supports Wyoming’s economic developers 

The main ways we support economic developers are through:

  • Advocacy. We advocate for legislation and programs that make it easier for economic development in Wyoming. Our lobbying arm represents the state’s economic development community.
  • Education. WEDA provides and supports virtual and in-person education tools that elevate the knowledge, skills and credentials of our members.
  • Networking. WEDA events are an excellent place to meet other economic development professionals and leaders throughout Wyoming.

Learn more about how the Wyoming Economic Development Association (WEDA) supports economic developers by visiting our website